My Mocktail Mule

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Hello, my name is Pamela Montanez and I’m a recovering gingerale-aholic. I love the stuff. But guess what? Gingerale is jam packed with sugar, sugar, and more sugar.  I’ve genuinely and whole-heartedly given the stuff up after prioritizing health and weight loss over the magic tonic, but I have often found myself longingly looking at the bottom of my water glass wishing it had a little something more to offer.  I really wanted some clean, sugar free gingerale so I invented My Mocktail Mule.

While at the store, I searched for a sugar-free gingerale alternative and found this nifty recipe from The Things We’ll Make blog. Folks, I was inspired. I did change a few things around, so I’m not exactly sure how it compares, but it definitely satisfied that gingery, carbonated craving. (It also made me miss my dear friend Leah as she is the mocktail queen. I have a feeling she would’ve loved helping me make this.)

The original recipe calls for home made soda water, fresh lime, and fresh ginger. Well, I decided to go the Lime soda water route and purchased some fresh ginger as well. No surprise, I guess, the lime soda water just wasn’t quite strong enough, so I did end up adding a splash of lemon juice (no limes were to be found in the house!)

It also appears in the inspo recipe that the ginger was added to the drink and left unstrained. I mixed mine together in a cocktail shaker (but didn’t shake because carbonation) and then strained via fine mesh as I poured over ice. So crisp, so refreshing, so ginger-y! I call it, The Mocktail Mule.

Yes, summer is packing it’s bags but this drink helps me sit back and reflect on what a good one it was… and guilt free reflection at that!

Are you a mocktail fan? What are your favorites?


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  • I absolutely would have loved to make this with you! I think I’ll have to try to make it because I have been downing sparkling juice (no wine for a couple more months haha) and its just too sweet for my body. Thanks for sharing you sweet thing!

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