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 Hello and welcome!

My name is Pamela Montanez and I’m a proud, 100% “Aunt Pam” type.  I like cooking for people, eating minimal and delicious things, playing with my nieces and nephews, exploring big cities, camping, ocean viewing, watching TV, comedy of all sorts, and taking the occasional photo. 

I am married to a handsome gentlemen by the name of Joe. He’s my biggest supporter, closest confidant, lifetime co-foodie, and all around favorite person. I’m trying to convince him to share his cocktail experiments here on this blog, so, fingers crossed, you’ll see more of him soon.

We currently reside in Springfield, Mo., after dwelling in foodie paradise, Portland, Or., for 4 years. We miss it, of course, but are so excited for the community we’re building here. Springfield has some amazing people, some amazing parks, and some great coffee. I personally am looking forward to watching this city develop, grow, and cultivate its own little sub-culture. If you haven’t visited… put it on your list. Don’t believe me? I’ll just have to write a post or two to convince you otherwise. 😉

This blog is heavily based around food I create, taste, or want… but you may find a littering of personal thoughts, camping trips, city tours, and of course pretty things. If you’ve tried one of my humble recipes, please share your results. Let me know how you’ve tweaked it to your tastes or if you’ll make it again. I want to hear from you!

Whether it’s a comment on social media (@mrspammo), a private email, or a “hey, Pam!” at the store, let’s talk. Thank you so much for visiting.

P.s. would you be interested in cook book reviews, video recipes, or other specific things from this blog? I’m always looking for ways to expand and improve and would love your feedback.